And it all seemed so funny and strange and romantic that the thought of it not being so was already enough to break my heart and shatter my world…

You treating me kindly, doing nice things for me without my asking, and showing an interest beyond friendship in me does not make me obligated to return your affections in any kind of emotional or physical manner. You thinking so is both foolish and childish.

What Vegans Want
Me: I really want a vegan boyfriend...
Friend: *Laughs* That's actually the most vegan thing I've ever heard you say.

Running into an old friend

And wondering why you never dated them.

Existential Crisis Conversations
Ex Boyfriend: "I don't know, I'm just working on making myself the perfect human being."
Me: "There is no such thing as perfection."
Ex: "Well there could be such a thing as personal perfection..."
Me: "I don't know, I don't think people are ever truly satisfied with themselves. I think it all stems from the fact that we don't understand why we're here or what our purpose is in life so we're constantly striving to find out what that is."
Ex: "We're very different people... We have very different points of view."
Me: "Yes we are... Yes we do."

I just want to move on.

That’s all. I don’t understand why this is so hard.

I wish love were easier

Really though?

You made out with my ex-boyfriend?

And didn’t tell me?

And then you acted like we were friends?

Really. Though.

Different Types of Wanderlust

Aimless wanderer:

You stole the breath from my chest with the sleight of your hand and placed the stars in my eyes with your kiss.

If there’s one thing innocence has taught me it’s that I am not innocent at all, but that I am a mere projection of a false reality not even I could have created in the poetry I fill my notebooks with.

Beware here: For the winds of change shift me to and fro and I am swayed as easily by this force as you are by the excitement of going somewhere where nobody knows your face or name. And when it comes down to it I would rather be swayed than not so that just once I can feel like a wanderer too.

But there is an inherent problem with this. My version steals the heart from your chest and the stars from the sky and leaves nothing behind but regret and a wisdom only I can carry safely with me.

So from one wanderer to the next - not everything is what it seems. Watch your step and don’t be swayed as easily as me.

- LKS 12/17/12

Today’s A Good One

Two reasons:

1. I just found out who my mentor from the music school is. Not only is he a badass drummer, he’s won several Grammys and is a kick ass producer. Cannot contain my excitement. I just hope he likes me!

2. I got a real explanation/apology from my ex. I feel so much better about life. I think I may be able to rest easy now :)